Conveyor belt dining finally arrives in Las Vegas. Chubby Cattle specializes in hot pots, heated in front of each guest and featuring a wide variety of choose-your-own ingredients. Guests first select their flavor of broths, beginning with the $3.99 house original, or the $4.99 “Dragon King Seafood” or head into a dramatic world of spice, with levels of “hell” ranging from entry “level 6,” to the $6.99 “Deepest Level Hell 18.” Next, you choose your sauce of soy, chili or hoisin and then the ingredients to boil in your pot. Vegetables such as spinach, Napa cabbage and taro root can join noodles and a wide selection of meats and seafood including “hand made cuttlefish balls,” sausages and quail eggs. For guests seated by the refrigerated conveyor belts, different meats, fish and vegetables will journey right by your seat. By lifting up a window, customers can take out the new ingredients to add to their hot pots. Similar to Japanese kaiten conveyor belt restaurants, the base of the containers are color coded to indicate their price.


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