The founders of Chubby Cattle, an authentic Mongolian and Chinese restaurant, are pleased to announce the recent grand opening of their new location in Dallas, Texas.

As a spokesperson for Chubby Cattle noted, they recently celebrated the opening of the new location at 2001 Coit Road in Dallas. This is the third location of Chubby Cattle – the flagship restaurant is in Las Vegas and the second was opened in Denver.

“At Chubby Cattle guests can experience authentic Mongolian and Chinese cuisine with high-quality ingredients in the world’s first conveyor-belt hot pot restaurant,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the founders are in the process of opening a fourth restaurant in Philadelphia.

“The new Chubby Cattle is bringing the conveyor belt deliciousness to Dallas. It’s got all the experience of the Las Vegas location, but with a few exciting touches added.”

For example, the spokesperson noted, customers may order their meals on an iPad, get food from the innovative conveyor belt system, and receive food to their specific table via train system – which may or may not play Star Wars music.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Chinese hot pot experience, the spokesperson said diners will be sure to love their meal at Chubby Cattle. Also referred to as a “Chinese fondue,” the meal consists of a simmering metal pot filled with a scrumptious broth. Around the broth are a number of tasty and raw sides including thinly sliced meats, veggies, seafood and their famous handmade noodles.

Patrons may choose which sides they want and allow them to sizzle until they are cooked to their personal level of doneness. To make the meals even tastier, the spokesperson advises that people try a Chubby Cattle signature dipping sauce or famous hot sauce.

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