The Sin City will meet the Mile High City in 2017. Chubby Cattle — a Las Vegas-based, conveyor-belt hot-pot restaurant — recently signed a lease on a space at 2 Broadway with plans for an early 2017 opening.


Hot pots are a traditional Asian stew that feature a simmering steel pot of stock in the center of a table, and ingredients are added and cooked as desired. The refrigerated conveyor belt at Chubby Cattle will pass ingredients by tables so guests can pick and choose what they add to their stew. David Zhao — a partner int he NXT Factor group behind Chubby Cattle — said it’s the perfect addition to Denver’s restaurant roster.


“We saw Denver as an opportunity as there’s not a saturated hot pot market like you see in other cities like Los Angeles and New York,” Zhao explained.


Zhao said the restaurant will open within the first quarter of 2017.


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