Chubby Bowls

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Chubby Bowls is the first to execute an elevated, artisanal take on Vietnamese cuisine. With our specially simmered bone broth and A5 Wagyu, we emphasize the importance of curated ingredients blended with traditional cooking methods. Our inspiration for Chubby Bowls began with a family pho recipe that was passed through generations and perfected with age. While preserving the family tradition of sharing delicious food with loved ones, we present pho crafted with certified A5 Wagyu.

Our rich and savory bone broth simmers for over 24 hours to reach a traditional flavor profile with notes of both traditional spices and aromatic herbs. Elevated with tender beef delivered straight from our restaurant-owned ranch, our Chubby Noodles pho pairs tradition with innovation.

Address: 146 N 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107
Phone: 866-622-8853