Remember the conveyor belt hot pot restaurant that opened last year on Broadway? No? Well maybe that’s why Chubby Cattle is no longer a conveyor belt hot pot restaurant.

It has switched its concept to conveyor belt sushi.

Now known as Rolls by Chubby Cattle, the less-than-a-year-old spot that billed itself as the world’s first refrigerated conveyor belt hot pot restaurant, complete with a train that delivered orders to your table to the tune of dramatic “Star Wars” music (who said there’s nothing new under the sun?), will instead spin sushi rolls on the belt and deliver a DIY ramen bar.

“Our goal was never to completely get rid of hot pot; we just wanted to expand our menu and provide more variety,” said Chubby Cattle owner David Zhao. “We found really talented sushi chefs that worked at top omakase restaurants in New York City and thought it would be a great addition to our restaurant.”

The original Chubby Cattle hot pot restaurant was a big hit in Las Vegas, but apparently Denverites aren’t as into conveyor belt soup so much as conveyor belt raw fish. Or at least that’s the hope for this iteration.

Fans of the Cattle’s cook-it-yourself, simmering soup can still get to slurping — you’ll just have to head to the ramen bar instead of grabbing ingredients off the belt.

To celebrate the switch, Rolls by Chubby Cattle is offering an all-you-can-eat deal for $23 during lunch and $32 at dinner, which includes menu sushi, conveyor belt sushi and ramen. Go break some records.

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