Las Vegas finally has its first conveyer-belt restaurant, but it’s not the quick-dining sushi concept you might expect. Instead, Chubby Cattle, Chinatown’s new Mongolian hot pot spot, focuses on savory stews and broths and premium cuts of meat and fresh vegetables you cook yourself.


Even if you haven’t been to a conveyer restaurant in Japan—or LA or New York—you’ve probably seen footage of these popular sushi bars, trays of food being carted through the restaurant on a moving beltway. Chubby Cattle switches things up by focusing on its signature entrée.


Like the popular Japanese restaurant Swish Shabu Shabu on Spring Mountain Road, diners order ingredients and cook the food in a pot of flavorful broth. At Chubby Cattle, the “reformed” traditional Mongolian hot pot combines different Asian philosophies and flavors to create mouth-watering soup bases.


Choose from broth flavors that include original, tomato, mushroom or the house “hellishly spicy” option, then order raw slices of beef brisket, lamb, free-range chicken, shrimp paste and more to add to your aromatic bubbling brew. Once cooked, dip your perfectly cooked morsels in a specialty sauce.


Because of the involved nature of hot pot cooking, the conveyer belt concept at Chubby Cattle loses the initial wow-factor right away, but the food itself is reason for staying. Pull from the rotating selection of sides and raw meats that float pass your table at your leisure, but focus on the menu’s wide selection of add-ins for the best experience.


Chubby Cattle 3400 S. Jones Blvd. #15., 702-868-8808. Daily, 5 p.m.-midnight.


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