Housed on the second floor of DTLA’s InterContinental Hotel, this high-end yakiniku restaurant specializes in all things Wagyu—and while the $230 seasonal tasting menu puts it squarely out of reach for everyday meals (unless you’re loaded or just plain irresponsible), the splurge at Niku X is made worth it with seven kinds of highly marbled beef and plenty of seafood and caviar. A separate, still-pricey a la carte menu offers dishes like oxtail dumplings and Wagyu fried rice, and there’s even an ultra-premium tomahawk tasting menu for two starting at $299. While flashy ingredients and sky-high prices like these are increasingly commonplace in L.A., the luxurious and well-calibrated experience here is definitely worthy of any red meat lover’s big night out. $16.50 valet and self-parking off 7th Street for the first two and a half hours.

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