The Story

Chubby Cattle cultivates a dining experience that promotes technological innovation, the freshest ingredients, and the art of being together. Opening our first restaurant in 2014, our mission is to familiarize people with traditional Asian cuisine from around the world. At Chubby Cattle, enjoy artisanal dishes with traditional ingredients in a modern setting. Our restaurants feature the most premium cuts of meat sourced directly from our restaurant-owned ranch. Our menu incorporates contemporary flavors such as certified A5 Wagyu, Tomahawk steak, lobster, and much more. Blending traditional cuisine with innovative methods, Chubby Cattle reshapes the way you enjoy Asian cuisine.

Our mission is to change the way you enjoy each hotpot dip, shabu shabu swish, and yakiniku sear. With traditional recipes and
global influence, Chubby Cattle brings out each ingredients’ natural flavors in every dish. Premium beef is even sourced from our restaurant-owned ranch and hand delivered to each location. Implementing 5D projection dining rooms, food conveyor belts and robot servers, Chubby Cattle is at the cutting edge of culinary technology. With a commitment to providing the best experience possible, Chubby Cattle merges innovation with traditional cuisine.