Chubby Cattle was inspired by Mongolian, Tibetan, and Chinese philosophies of medicine and healing. As the first restaurant in the world to provide refrigerated conveyor belt based hotpot meals, we take pride in using ingredients that provide essential health benefits and savory tastes. We allow our soups to brew for eight hours to ensure a delectable experience for our fellow foodies.


Healthy choices, comfortable seating, and exquisite service, “Chinese fondue” never tasted so good!



Our History



As a reformer of the traditional Mongolian cuisine, Chubby Cattle is the first restaurant in the world to combine a refrigerated, conveyer belt-based hotpot with the finest traditional hotpot from Asia. The goal of this innovation is to provide our customers with the healthiest way to enjoy our fresh platters.To achieve the standard that we aim for in our mission, Mr. Yang personally selects the finest beef related products from the state of California and Montana.

The X Pot is an innovative dining concept created and established by Chubby Cattle. The X Pot offers a unique dining experience that bridges Asian and American cultures. Our goal is to offer a dining experience that awakens all your senses: sight, sound, scent, and taste. Our menu offers the most high-quality ingredients including imported seafood and purebred A5 Wagyu beef flown in daily from Japan. Enjoy the age-old tradition of hot pot with fresh delicious ingredients, where every dish is served to perfection.

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